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Polar Bear Scarf

High Country Knitwear offers this knitting pattern to you for only $1.00, so that you can try out our designs and see how easy it is to download our instant-access patterns.

The Materials you'll need for this Knitting Project:

  • For children, two balls of a heavy knitting worsted used single on #8 needles is about right. If you add a strand of mohair, you’ll want to use #9 needles. Adjust your length for little children so you have about 40 inches from the back of the bear’s head to the start of his legs and tail. An adult’s is about a foot to 18 inches longer.
  • For adults, you’ll need two balls of a bulky yarn on #10 needles, but you can make up a bulky from knitting worsted combined with a strand or two of mohair. This one, is plain Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride knitting worsted in Crème, with 15% mohair content to make a soft, fluffy scarf. It is edged in a crochet chain stitch of one strand of worsted and one of mohair, worked together. A little black embroiders the paws and hose, and buttons make his eyes.
  • The inspiration behind this scarf pattern
    I made the original of this for a friend’s granddaughter, two-year-old Joey Isenberg of Boston, because polar bears live amidst the icebergs. Bad pun! Children seem to like this scarf, which is much the simplest of Pat Feeley's animal scarves. Try out this arctic wonder today, with our instant Adobe PDF download, to you for only $1.00!

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